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A large brain coral in Chagos (c) Jon SlayerReef fish and hard corals in Chagos (c) Jon SlayerA busy Chagos reef scene (c) Jon SlayerSchooling Parrotfish on a healthy Chagos reef (c) Jon SlayerGrouper on a Chagos reef (c) Jon SlayerA brightly coloured nudibranch in Chagos (c) Rohan HoltA shark cruising along the reef in Chagos (c) Jon SlayerGhost Crab in ChagosLoading the SVIIAnemone FishPassing coral samplesThe SVII surveying above corals in ChagosLoading the SVII under moody skiesChagos reef sceneHealthy reef sceneSVII surveying the coral reefs of ChagosLocal Banded Angelfish hiding beneath Acropora Coral

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