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These images have been captured on location as a part of the joint Catlin Seaview Survey / Google survey of the Galapagos. Images and story are under strict embargo until Thursday 23 May 9am Pacific Time.

All Images should be credited (C) Catlin Seaview Survey
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Christophe Bailhache with the SVII camera being escortedby a Spotted Eagle Ray. Taken at the start of a shark andray survey dive in the Galapagos Islands. Image courtesy ofthe Catlin Seaview Survey.Christophe Bailhache navigates the SVII camera through alarge group of Sea Lions at Champion Island in Galapagos.Image courtesy of the Catlin Seaview Survey.Daniel Orellana of the Charles Darwin Foundation collectingseashore imagery with the Street View Trekker at the LosHumedales wetland area on Isabela island.Daniel Orellana of the Charles Darwin Foundation climbsout of a lava tunnel where he was collecting imagery. Thedramatic lava landscapes found on Isabela island tell thestory of the formation of the GDaniel Orellana of Charles Darwin Foundation crossing afield of ferns to reach Minas de Azufre (naturally­occurringsulfur mines) on the top of Sierra Negra, an active volcanoon Isabela Island. The GooA Galapagos giant tortoise crawls along the path nearGoogler Karin Tuxen­Bettman while she collects imagerywith the Street View Trekker in Galapaguera, a tortoisebreeding center, which is managed by tDaniel Orellana of the Charles Darwin Foundation crossesa rocky lava field to reach an land iguana restoration area inBahia Cartago, Isabela island. Bahia Cartago is a protectedarea ­ not accessible t

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